Played a couple rounds this winter with no problems. Ther are coming out with a new model and getting these off the shelves. I brought my driver and hit balls as instructed and listened. Newer model on the way or is this a new price point strategy which sounds bogus to me Either way I am buying one. This particular one was a 8. It broke where the shaft meets the club head. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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My Adams ST driver head paint started peeling off before I even used it. All shafts have flex in them.

Every step forward in tech has resulted in me hitting it longer and straighter. You can get them cheap but they WILL snap at some point. I am moving to taylormade John, Like I mentioned in my response to Xtr Colonel your story is quite unusual.

Adams Golf Insight XTD a3OS Fairway Woods

The A3 suits my swing very well. Adams have dis-continued this model as soon as they realised the design fault. Just gotta look and look. It will take a few YEARS before we really see the best square drivers… as with all new technology it needs to be tried and improved on for a few years.

  MS-7613 VER 2.0 LAN DRIVER

I just want to know which one in the last pic is the a3 and which one is the a30s. I finished the fall season with no problems. According to Tim Reed, vice president of research and development:.

If this problem arises with the new inzight, I think I will have to move on and try something different which I am not too keen on.

Adams Golf Insight XTD a3 Drivers

They did not have another one to replace it but said I will be able to use it this Friday in a tournament and bring it in Saturday. Having reviewed this club earlier, let me add to it by expressing a bit of a disappointment in this club. All that stopped when the salesman put that OS version of the driver into my hands.

Volume One Golff Twenty Four.

Oh yea I am hitting the Pinnacle Gold ball. I absolutely love this driver and feel it has really made a difference in my game this year.

Adams Golf Introduces Insight XTD Drivers (Bag Drop) – The Sand Trap

I was going to get the nike sumo sq 2 but the sales guy sold me on the adams good call. The second shaft lasted almost 3 months. The fairway woods are an exception to the rule.


Every production line is going to have a margin of error and fail rates. Just bought one last week. Adams is offering a new long driver. Sure, these drivers do look alright.

It is worthless now. Shot 4 under par with 1 bogy. Now looking forward to consistently beating alvin and bong. Bought the A3 with stiff shaft. I was playing a round in prep for a tournament the next day. I would never swap these woods for anything. Ping Gdid not look good at address and hits were inconsistent.

If you bought them from an friend or ebay…. Completely removed my slice and hitting This morning the head came off. Just bought an Insight XTD a3 and immediately tried it at the range.