The slot number is very important. WillyK , Jul 27, View Drive Information But since I reboot so infrequently, and I never let the array start on its own, not a big deal for me. Have you done that?

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Auto Declare Hot-spare I decided to reboot the system. Not yet tested the standby function – should it be taken care by OS or 1620 may manipulate it additionally.

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I have plenty of drives with valuable data and cannot afford them being erased by connecting to RAID card. TinoDJul 25, Sep 13, Test 1 with a speed of Wondering if anyone can help me. Ease Of Use Features Verify that the last 4 of the serial number in the smart report match the drive ID. The alternative is having to buy 2 of the larger disks to get any benefit, kind of a downer when the new larger disks are pricey.


Perhaps get two boxes at once. I will try to update the instructions as I get feedback and learn more. Spacedust 5 8 Local Ip Address We do not warrant the accuracy of this information as we are not the author.

Blue FoxSep 12, Product Pricing Community Blog. I’ll say one other negative thing – people running ZFS with this controller had complaints about drives dropping from the controller due to error-correcting behavior of the SMART system in the drives.

The enterprise market isn’t always fun to write about. Software, User Guide, Cables. Clear Events Buffer Driver Installation For Mac X Wish they put the connectors on the top edge like LSI. Sign in Already have an account?

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Using this number would work, but if you ever tried to move the drive to a different slot, arefa in a replacement drive, or move the drive to a different controller, unRAID, which uses the drive serial number to track these changes, would be oblivious. Start-up Mail Configuration For Remoteadministration More refinements More refinements Volume Set Function If you then run another immediately after, it works fine.


Dec 6, Skip to main content. It has been running for years without arexa problem. Or other settings I should change? Except WD drives which are able to provide a smart report without spinning up the drive.

It contains the last 4 characters of your serial number.