Cubase that perform automatic ASIO latency compensation. Studio One Pro 2 2. We stayed for 2 weeks in Kenosha, since it was central to where we were going. Do you know there’s a new update for the Firestudio Project driver? Here are some images that might help debunk the issue.

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I have presonks the same problems. The open your DAW and select the Asio4all driver. I’m using the right kind of firewire card OHCI compliant Look in the “knowledge base” under your device or in this thread: I think the reason I can’t hear audio when plugging into the headphone jack on the presonus has something to do with the driver issue was well.

Going to the Device Manager and manually searching for the driver in the Universal Control folder results in a “you have the best driver installed” message.

Or what I can do about it? House of Worship Where y’at?

Thanks again for the info. I have one question though, why are you using Asio4all with presonnus Firestudio? Bottom line question is: I never had a need to.

I can’t seem to get it to work with any settings. So what did I do? Never had a problem.


Since this guess-o-matic does not always yield correct results, you can measure the actual round trip latency for audio using a loopback cable and adjust the sliders in the “Latency compensation” section of the ASIO4ALL v2 control panel accordingly.

I’m actually north of chicago. Not so far with those that Prewonus work with but I have seen some on the web that have. Usually, the firestudio is set for default device, and my speakers are set to default communications device, and it rirestudio works wonderfully.

House of Worship Where y’at? I thought about losing money and re-selling it on eBay. This message was edited 1 time. I usually use port 3 on the back, as for some reason, this gives me better audio They have the old fireetudio up there too. HP XW Dual 3.

Cant connect to Presonus FIRESTUDIO ASIO Driver –

Sorry, can’t be done. Now, windows is not recognizing any speakers being plugged in unless its actually presnus into my computer when before it would just be plugged into the firestudio I can pull up projects just fine, and they seem to play the tracks on the left are recognizing the sounds but I am getting no sound now, maybe something deep in the settings or universal controller got messed up?


After I purchase it I’ll be back to letcha ya know if i need help. Universal Control, in my experiences, has more issues with the DAW open.

I’ve done this with dozens of folks here on the forum. I just wish the people at Avid had spent more time on making sure that all interfaces could work with no problems with the software, instead of just putting prwsonus out.

Ok, yes I whined about it a bit. However, just this evening, I was firextudio to get any sound from my presonus at all.

Asio4all should see the Firestudio now with no issues BUT if you want to adjust the settings, close the DAW and then launch Asio4all and make your changes. Studio One Pro 2 2.