Thankfully I didn’t have to write such a review. You can view their accepted payment options on their PriceCheck Shop Directory page here: Top end has just the right amount of sparkle without going overboard. In the wake of my Essence One review I had multiple reader emails ask me accusingly where and how to buy one. You are welcome to search for the product on our website and make contact with any of the merchants featured on PriceCheck for more information regarding their offers.

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The processing time is set by the sth and can be 1,3,5,7 and newly added 14 or 21 days. It shares elements of both designs and hopefully reaches a sweet spot between them.

On some songs, the STU becomes very energetic and sometimes can make you headbang or dance along. As mentioned, headphone output impedance is 10 ohms, while line out is ohms.

Asus Xonar Essence STU USB Audio Adapter

Other odds and ends: If I didn’t, it would probably bug me, essencee or not it actually made a difference in sound. Are there extra costs for delivery? How long does delivery take? The Concero also has more “swing”, while the STU comes off as a bit lighter in tone.

USB DAC and headphone amplifier features asynchronous USB audio and 600ohm headphone amplifier

It followed the same pattern in the STU – good resolution, nice bass extension, a little softer up top than the stock configuration, and not as detailed overall. The Asus had plenty of drive and bass extension was impressive. All of our shops use the South African Post Office or reputable couriers to deliver goods.


Do you have any essence about this product? But how high do you normally run your volume levels? I enabled it briefly and didn’t notice any glaring SQ deficiencies, but I’d have to spend more time before definitively concluding that it doesn’t have it’s own sound.

High quality precision audio Xonar Essence STU delivers clean, clear, and low distortion sound with dB signal-to-noise ratio Esssence thanks to exacting hardware design and top-notch component selection.

Also, the DAC is on the lighter side, so heavy cabling could pull it when side mounting.

Name Asuw Phone Enquiry. In fact, I did use it when running with a pair of active monitors, and it worked just as expected. What resulted was a subtle reduction in clarity accompanied by an obvious improvement in bass definition.

For my tastes, this is an ideal combination, though of course there are many other opamps I have yet to try.

It’s a very inoffensive sound, clean and clear, but lacks a degree of body and soul. I can see how some people might like this result but I’d call it overpriced for what it is. How do I pay? Between 22nd Dec and 2nd Jan all our suppliers will be closed.


The Asus also sounded more even, no matter asis input was used – the Audinst has a different tone over Toslink compared to USB, which I suppose could be considered a benefit if you like the option of a more asuz signature.

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All of our shops use the South African Post Office or reputable couriers to deliver goods. Soundstage wasn’t massive rssence it didn’t feel overly constricted either. I also had a few of my own, so I was able to get a good feel for the capabilities. Good bass extension, clear mids, detailed treble with little harshness.

The included jumper switch re-routes sound and allows Xonar Essence STU to be used as a pre-amplifier in conjunction with a dedicated power amplifier.

I’d say STU users would be more likely to own a D, maybe with some damping mods, and that could make a really nice pairing. The point is – none of these situations allow for an internal sound card like the Essence ST.

It costs more than a lot asud the budget equipment out there, but less than most really “serious” audiophile gear. You will be notified of price drops for the following product.