From here, you can specify your satellite configuration, whether single or multi. To cure this, we had to go to the MCE setup menu and ‘uncheck’ the digital terrestrial tuner that was also present in the test PC. I don’t give support by e-mail or PM. I just had a thought, abod. DigitalTV provides all the features that you would expect:

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And you did not read my posting carefully, obviously As soon as DigitalTV is aware of your dish setup, you can scan through the preset transponder lists. Whilst it is encouraging that Twinhan bothered to put a Linux driver on their website, it is almost useless to end users.

This grabs frames from all channels. Then use szap to tune to a channel by running the following command in a terminal:. DigitalTV provides all the features that you would expect: This File is Why don’t you go back to the seller and get a replacement?


Azurewave/Twinhan Satellite TV with DVB-S2 PCI Card (AD-SP400)

It does not compile with current kernels — it azurewaev not released in the kernel and did not benefit from the future-proofing that that provides. See the changeset http: I don’t give support by e-mail or PM. For multiproto obtain scan from http: This is where I would be starting my search.

The only available sort options azurewqve radio, pay TV and free TV. As described in http: Sound quality and sensitivity are both fair, although channel searches can be slow.

Clicking on one selects it for viewing. Originally Posted by fromaron. All recordings have a.

All I can suggest then is to try and contact the dfb sites sounds like you have tried already azwave TwinHan online help digitalnow. Recording the ‘raw’ transport streams is not allowed.

Discontinued models

Maybe your unit or usb port is faulty or it’s a clone that is not genuine Twinhan product. The patch supports two tuners, making it ideal for simultaneous recording and viewing.


Hope this is what you are looking for. A common interface unit with a dummy PCI connector and standard faceplate dvg included Tip: A patch for mythtv can be found at this location: You could have tried this alone.

Multiproto is not required. This is a low-profile PCI-bus card, and has only two connections – an ‘F’ socket for your dish and a jack for an infrared sensor that receives commands from a well-specified handset – to the outside world.

Supporting both now-and-next and seven-day schedules, it is both fast and friendly. Switching between channels isn’t fast either. A remote control and an infrared receiver cable are included. Originally Posted by SPLog. ProgSat Dec 29, 9: I don’t read nor write Klingonian or any other language than English and German.