It works in the Settings window too. D, D, V98, other Bluetooth: If PM have needed fields, it will create plain RPL file which can recreate simlock for you without headache. The button-enabling system has been modified to reflect smartcard presence and various CID options. Fixed AVR flashing bug from version 9. D, D, other Dopodo:

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J repair file has been released. E3, M1, V2, other Platinium: Falta de Drivers, note. W built-in customizations list updated.

Bluetooth Sertec Bl 007

Added support for K phones. Write bandlock functionality slightly modified. Z built-in customizations list updated. Changes in TP-handling code. Fixed two issues related to built-in customizations.

Added Direct unlock for CID Fixed one bug introduced in the previous version. GDFS configuration bug fixed for Za. Updated LG U block list combo-box for flash reading. Help file slightly updated. V, V, V, other Venus: Jan 21, lenovo ibm Windows XP Professional.


Mitutoyo ID-SB 杩芥眰鍗撹秺锛岀紨閫犲畬缇?/浠查懌杈綺宸ユ帶鏍忕洰_鏈虹數涔嬪缃?

Downloading files from W enabled for all users. Fixed an issue causing R PDA-part boot problem.

Asian to Euro, Euro to Asian decustomization operator logos, wap settings etc. If phone can’t be authorized due to corrupted bluetooth key or server problems, you can use this to write protected PM Records 1, This means you can be ensured about our software quality and security – no hidden trojans as happened before with other products. This phone is very TexasInstruments-Nokia like, but not really. Reflash the main firmware when using this function for brown CID Added Special Files topic to the Additional Info section of the help file.

Bluetioth Us name Please enter your name. Slovak language strings updated.

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Minor changes to boot code. Ongoing software architectural changes. We have decided to release separate Firmware Restoral installer. The Repair certificate button was disabled in some cases.


G1, GV, Gv Getek: Whole unlock procedure incl. Added reading codes for CID37 phones.

A, V, other KXD: Built-in customizations list updated and extended by Ji data.