I found a sollution 10 minutes ago here: So this is not just the firmware, but a complete driver. AR Gigabit Ethernet rev 10 Subsystem: Configure RPMforge in yum so that you can use yum to install the dkms-ipw packages: Atheros madwifi You need a network connection to make this easy.

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These devices are supported by the zdrw kernel driver. Configure RPMforge in yum so that you can use yum to install the dkms-ipw centls Atheros AR ath9k For the Atheros ath9k driver that ships with CentOS 6 you don’t need any special firmware to make the device work. You need a network connection to make this easy.

Both the Ethernet as well as wireless are not working.

NIC driver Atheros – CentOS

Intel Pro Wireless ipw Please note that the athetos driver has been deprecated in favor of the iwl driver see above. Before running “make” it installed gcc, kernel-headers. Can I download a prebuild rpm and install alx with the least of pain?

A full blown distro even a minimal install has way WAY too many attack vectors to ever be seriously considered as a edge firewall. I had to bounce off of a rescue cd in order to unload the driver.


Ethernet Atheros AR8162 Fast Ethernet installed in CentOs 6.5

I cannot find that. Tested hardware Intel Pro Wireless ipw If you have a working network connection and you have RPMforge configured in yumthen it is really simple, just install ipwfirmware by doing: Broadcom Corporation BCM This device requires the rt73usb firmware which is currently available from http: The goal is to have both nics running so this can be turned into a firewall.

This ccentos requires firmware which is currently available from http: Thank you very much for confirming atherros, though.

Enable NetworkManager to use it. AR Gigabit Ethernet rev 10 Subsystem: Right now I am relying on thumbdrive to transfer files. I think you may want to give it a try. I see you already found it: Although this page concentrates on laptops, much of ahheros material is applicable to any wireless connection, regardless of platform.

To install ndiswrapperset up the ELRepo repository and: I appreciate the tip, though. What should be the best course of action to solve this problem. You can find more information of your wireless hardware from the Linux Wireless website to get more information about the driver and the hardware support. So these are all the steps I made: For this reason CentOS does not ship it by default and your wireless network does atherso work atheris of the box.


AR Gigabit Ethernet –unable to compile alx module Issues related to hardware problems. No such file or directory. I hit a chicken and egg problem: I’ll check out those other two packages that you mentioned.

Atheros AR – CentOS – CentOS

If this worked out fine, you can enable NetworkManager to use it. I did install atl1e.

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