I have been golfing for about 18 yrs and have hit a number of different clubs. I just purchased the hibore iron set all hybrids and like them very much and would like to purchase a matching driver and possibly 3 wood. Straight down to the range together with my other driver FT3 9. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. With the possible combination of two heads, two shafts, and three or four different flexes for each shaft, I highly reccomend getting an analysis to find which driver matches your swing speed and entry angle.

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I hit it better than the regular and larger model as I tend to a hit a high draw or hit it to the left side of the fairway and the regular is set to draw a little left and give a bit more loft. Question though…you say go with the red shaft vs. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. I did non-conformign like the XLS at all. Also, are these a draw bias club or non-ocnforming I was surprised to see the Cleveland Hybore XL’s on there.

I picked up an unusual looking Hibore XL 9.


Happy to say it seems to be what I hoped for. Please make sure that your email, shipping address and phone number are current with eBay and Paypal. Performance During testing on the range, I put each club to my ultimate test.

Yesterday asked it to a friend, and went onto the course for test, only for two holes for time reasons.


Still, since you liked your old shaft, I recommend that you put your old graffaloy shaft in if the hosel fits and try it. No other club category is as competitive as drivers with new head shapes all the hibors. Loft and shaft combos have a lot to do with launch angle — as do our swings. I am also not sure that butt trimming this club will have the same glorious effects that it had on my other driver.

Try the red, stiff, 9. My guess is XLS, Only time will tell. I was always able to crunch the occasional yarder but only once in a while. I think because my swing is too much faster then regular.

NON-CONFORMING Cleveland Hi-Bore XL Driver

Went back to the Titleist and drives were back to normal length, maybe — carry with 10 — 15 yards roll. It looks to me like the two new HiBore XL models are meant to fix all that. Wow, lots of brains here!


It is not magic. Thanks Bought a demo XL 9. I hit in the high 80s mostly and non-conformig drive around with a very mediocre driver. Almost night and day.

RH Cleveland HiBore XLS Driver Regular R Flex | eBay

Many big-box golf store have them in the hitting bays. I hit the XL 8.

I got fitted on the launch monitor at roger dunn here in southern cal, swing speed They recommended either shaft in the non tour in stiff and liked the Maybe I am mistaken I also think it the XLS sets up better.

Same shaft and specs, it performs the same.

Just eliminates one more variable as to hitting the driver the same every time. Long, long, long and straight.