As for the manual there really isn’t one. Pro tools is a great recording daw but finicky sometimes. The interface is very straight forward – maybe they could have built a little smaller. In short no drivers, an official website to find too much confusion for drivers, There is still a MIDI in and out which can be handy if the bug works.

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I do a lot of audio, real guitars, bass, vocals and a tube amp.

I wanted a decent interface with at least two microfone inputs and a decent software bundle. Finally, we must have the utility of it all.

There is still a MIDI in and out which can be handy if the bug works. There is an issue I have seen a lot on the internet which I also discovered – a high frequency noise when the box is activated.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. All was already said It can do a good job without taking the head. Digidesign told me it would be a breeze to set it up in cubase but it was far from easy. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

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I really like the software bundle even though I don’t really need most of it. I propose a good ba Avid to go home one day even with the 8. The good point is that the can use that I made, latency parraissait correct but it absolutely does not justify all the problems described above When I started recording in ProTools everything was fine but in Cubase the interface suddenly shifted the recordings a bit to the left.


The Focusrite pre’s are very transparent and I have even done overdubs at home for professional recordings using them. While this isn’t suitable for the serious audio engineer, it is a useful tool for those who want Pro Tools on a budget or want to use it to gather ideas, or on the go like me! I’m on cubase steinberg with sound card.

Mine came with Pro tools 7 at the time which I absolutely hated with a passion at the time. It seems the preamp has a lot of headroom and I have not really had big issues with clipped signals. I can not record when shooting that it does not work but having tried the Apple staff, I can tell you that the registration is done but it’s a bit laborious especially guitar and bass Lost Live! The digidrsign version is firewire. Mbox 2, USB audio interface from Digidesign.

So Pro Tools is great but you must pay a price. With Pro Tools LE you can run up to 32 mono tracks if your computer can handle it.

The mbox digidewign refferd to me by an up and coming music producer who felt that this item would serve me best because for just “getting started”. Skip to main content.


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No doubt, with it, a mix not great, and it will not sound good, then a proper diigidesign will sound correctly. It is USB powered and has no monitor latency. Well I find it rather disturbing is not it? When the installation when it works It takes 1hr max if you have a minimum of RAM.

Digidesign Mbox 2 Pro Digital Recording Interface

This review was originally mboc on http: It comes out the audio out ports and is a definite no-no on your audio tracks. You will have major issues plus I think you have to pay for updates which is ridiculous.

I’ve been a drummer and guitar player on and off for the past 10 years of my life and have began engineering and producing in the past 4. There is no substitute for the Mbox-Protools combo.

I am running “7 ultimate ” and still can’t download using compatibility wizard. But I put my faith into Digidesign and so far have not been disappointed.