This option allows you to input print Polling Time: This value is optional Upgrade Upgrade allows the user to upgrade the print server device. In the Frame Type field, select Ethernet They used the same case for both models.. Answer the questions as follows:

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Click Details tab and select Add Port. To setup the print server by using Manual Setup follow the steps: All contents are subject to change without prior notice.

We use Encore ENPS – then we connected to printer – Fixya

Select the NetWare File Server to which the print server device will be attached. Wait for the transfer successful message.

In some cases, if necessary, delete the print server, print queue s or other setting s.

Check to see if any of the pins on the pin connector are damaged. Select Add a Print Queue. Each print queue corresponds to each print port of the print server. Find an unused IP address on Segment A for temporary use in the following steps, for example, In addition, check the cable connection.


Troubleshooting Novell NetWare Troubleshooting Many printing problems can be traced back to incorrect or incomplete print server installations. Enps-20122 click the Network icon. Page 60 Configuration from Embedded Web Server 3.

Encore ENPS Instruction manual |

This option allows you to input device name of the print server. After it shows some messages, it will ask you a question.

Multi-Segment Frame Type Assign Print Server an IP address. Log into your NetWare file server as a Supervisor Admin. In this option, type a name enps-0212 identification purpose or just leave it in default recommended. How can this be resolved. Upgrading Print Server Overview Upgrading print server will allow you to replace its firmware inside the print server while the newer software version of the print server is available from your local dealer.

It is therefore necessary to first assign an IP address to your print server unit. encote

The print server must be upgraded again by using the PSAdmin. Please note, in this arp command you have to type Network Configuration Introduction Network configuration The print servers provide an embedded web server that can be accessed via a prop web browser.


Plug the AC power module into the wall out-let, the print server is switched on after you plug it in. Follow these instructions to install the print servers, please refer to any peripheral you are connecting to the print server: Page 69 Network Print Monitor More Print this page Share this page.

Installing Print Server on NetWare 4.

Encore ENPS-2012 – print server

Click Port Settings as shown in the picture below. Type in a new Printer name or leave it in default, and click Next button. By default, the bindery context will only be set on your organization O object.

Click OK, and Next. Therefore, we strongly suggest you run the PSAdmin from any client computer and select “Manual Setup” to specify the print server’s IP address For more detailed information about Manual Setup, please refer to Chapter 3.

This applies to Windows systems.