It is perfectly accceptable to use the Immerzio 3D all the time though. It should route the line-in, mic-in, and front line-out connections to your case’s front panel. In the end, this essentially means that if you are only going to use this card as a 2-channel analog card ex. Welcome to the bit perfect world! This way we can make sure that the Envy24HT-S is working fine in your system. I think for this use case, end to end 24bit high frequency delivery of 2 channel PCM data, you cannot get a more cost effective solution.

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Just a bit of Engrish double speak. Buffers are the same as all the other programs, the smallest possible is desirable, but a larger one may be required depending on your system.

JP7 controls which channel the bt and bass channels are routed to. There may be lower quality DACs on the low-end Audigy 2 or older Audigy 1 cards, but I’m not quite sure off the top of my head. Without getting into much detail, I’m modding some existing gear to come up with a fairly unique configuration that will really only require some creative cabling to get Stereox2 from the Wolfson music and line in and 4. It is unclear if this will disable the corresponding jacks on the back of the card.


What are the quirks with the Envy24HT-S cards? Kmixer is the internal audio component of Windows that does the multi-source mixing.

VIA Vinyl Envy24 controllers: What 3D sound APIs do these cards support? The listening tests seem to confirm this, but it just goes to show you that specs and benchmarks are not the “be-all end-all” of evaluating audio wnvy24.

The Envy24HT-S supports 8 outputs and 2 inputs. Was using VIA drivers 1.

They need your support. I promise to try as hard as possible to not flavor my opinions on any of these cards with my personal invvestment in one of them.

VIA VT1721 Envy24HT-S sound drivers for Microsoft Windows XP 64bit (4 files)

One could probably do alot more research and argue wether one of the contenders has better DACs, but that person isn’t me. There is also one other thing that may need to be done. One could easily argue that drop-outs are far worse than the default resampling that we are trying to avoid. Also, good find on that Entertainer eny24. I didn’t do much with it in terms of troubleshooting, and I’m not really very knowledgeable with the relevant pieces of software, so someone else my have better luck.

The Envy42 Entertainer 7. Covers the bases, but doesn’t offer any info that’s particularily exciting. I have no problems recommending it to anyone.

VIA VT1721 Envy24HT-S sound drivers for Microsoft Windows 7 64bit (1 files)

Pin 1 should be marked on the card with either a little “1” or an arrow. Mentions the use of the different DACs and the stereo analog routabilityobjectively measures capabilities, and utilizes a blind audio test.


Envy2 only redeeming quality is the screen-caps of the driver control panel. The Revolution and Aureon are also good cards on the hardware level, but their drivers and support suck.

Time Critical is the safest for audio quality concerns.

VIA Envy – Wikipedia

Get tech support here. Turtle Beach used to be such a good company. The downloadable manual is terrible, and the webpage for the card is rather mediocre. Originally posted by X If you flash the eeprom, then you can use a different driver. The only disadvantage I see is that you can’t do multichannel gaming unless the game itself supports some special audio encoding like ProLogic II.

AVS Forum articles Contests. Driver modifiable to send stereo analog through the superior secondary DAC. It uses the VIA reference drivers.

This card is currently the most popular of the group.