Hi Aroc, Thanks for the suggestion. If you created your VM with a SCSI adapter type of buslogic, you’ll need to download a drivers floppy image from the below link. Your post has been moved to the VI: Beware of version conflicts! So, now the LSI driver works ok, but I’m getting a signature problem. SIF file located in the..

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When converting a physical machine to a virtual machine using Exs Converter or vCenter Converter Enterprise, if an adapter type is not selected during the initial customization the resulting virtual machine may contain an IDE disk as the primary OS disk.

Any image would probably do.

VMware ESX and Windows XP

Feb 16, Posts: I don’t know how you manage XP deployments to physical desktops, but if you use an imaging solution along with Microsoft Sysprep System Preparation Tool you could probably inject the LSI drivers into an image, then deploy the image to the virtual instance. Beware of version conflicts! To install the necessary drivers in the virtual machine when you want to use BusLogic Parallel:. I know your feeling, but I’ve used it successfully to add network drivers and thats it, no mucking with the rest.


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I hate the idea of relying on nLite for enterprise deployments, but I suppose as long as I’m not doing anything extreme like ripping out services and so on, I should be ok. You know, manually install the first one and then sysprep it for future use.

Saturday, July 26, 2: I can post more info if you want. Click Edit Settings for the virtual machine.

There are three files you have know about: Wednesday, March 25, You are commenting using your Facebook account. Any ideas on how to resolve that? Choose to Remove the Disk from the virtual machine.

ESXi Win XP Pro (32bit) SATA Controller Issue |VMware Communities

Thu Jul 10, Symptoms Virtual machine contains an IDE virtual disk as the primary OS bootable disk after conversion from physical source. I appreciate the documentation. After that it will stop and prompt for right path where to find the file.

We had to inject some mass storage drivers when we sysprep’d the machine before pulling a WIM image, but it’s working great for us. Performance tuning if needed If your performance is bad and CPU consuming try the settings explained in the reg.


You might just need to refresh it. Reset the virtual machine. Jens, Thank you very much! All in all, I’m scratching my head.

Installing Windows XP on VMware ESX 3.5

Thu Jul 10, wjndows Remove From My Forums. At the beginning of the installation press F6 for installing additional drivers. We added the mass storage drivers to it.

I’m soooo close but just need that final helping hand. If you are unable to find the file on the host, you can download it from http: I wonder if this is the same cause of my failed to update registry error while attempting to run sysprep I’d love to know Explanation 4 of 5 – This section controls 1 the loading of the various drivers during the initialization and 2 the loading order.

Did you work this out?