Because of the differential input, it is not possible to create a short circuit to ground through the oscilloscope. Receive Verified supplier details. A professional USB oscilloscope Base price: Tell us what you need by filling in the form. The signals can have a predefined standard shape like a sine wave or a square wave as in a conventional function generator.

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The Handyscope HS4 features a user selectable 12 bit, 14 bit or 16 bit resolution 14 bit effective, SNR 95 dBmV V full scale input range, Ksamples record length per channel and a sampling frequency up to 50 MHz on all four channels simultaneously. The integrated arbitrary waveform generator operates fully independent from the measuring system of the Handyscope HS3. This will create a continuous uninterrupted data stream to the computer.

The arbitrary waveform generator allows the user to generate test signals for measurements in any shape desired. This can be as simple as adding two signals together and display the result in a graph, or it can be very complex.

It is also possible to monitor e. USB, for PC, compact, high-resolution, computer-controlled, high-definition, dcope, insulated, serial decoder, with logic analyzer. Please enter your name. The maximum measuring time is only limited by the available space on the hard drive.

Budget USB five-in-one scope | Laboratory Talk

Read more on oscilloscope toolbars The Handyscope series of instruments offers the possibility to combine and synchronize multiple oscilloscopes to one single instrument with many input channels.


Safe to use Easy to operate Available in various specifications. Five year warranty W5.

Several standard signal shapes are available and it is possible to regenerate previous measured signals. It gives you all features of the Handyscope HS4. Together with the 2 measurement channels this oscilloscope is an excellent measurement tool to troubleshoot circuits.

Our products are widely demanded all across the country for their precise use. Please enter your Email ID. It also allows to generate complex user defined signals or to regenerate previously measured signals. There is no connection to ground as in conventional oscilloscopes which are used with coax cables and standard probes.

Handyscope HS3 specifications

Fast and compact measuring instrument with a wide input range from mV full scale to V full-scale without the need for additional probes or attenuators High bandwidth of 50 MHz to be able to analyze fast signals accurately No short circuit to ground possible, due to the differential input.

Its housing is fitted with soft rubber areas that ensure a good grip on it. With the assistance of our handh professionals, we offer a wide assortment of USB Hanfy. The differential input channels enable safely measuring, without risk of sdope a short circuit through the oscilloscope. A major advantage of the HandyScope measuring instrument is the ability to work with third party software tools through the use of a Windows Dynamic Link Library DLL file.


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The universal software that is delivered with the Handyscope HS4 DIFF turns your PC into a storage oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, a voltmeter and a transient recorder. The captured data can be viewed in many different ways, in a single graph or in multiple views, each displaying the scopd property of the measured data.

Read more on the Arbitrary Waveform Generator Graphs can display the signal s of your Handyscope in Yt mode, in XY mode or as frequency spectrum, with or without interpolation.

Compare Quotations and seal the deal. The convenient toolbars provide clear buttons for all settings of the oscilloscope and its channels. With a sclpe oscilloscope hx3 standard probes this is not possible. Easy to operate Durable Reliable. SafeGround Safe Ground gives the possibility to use the oscilloscope inputs both as single ended with ground current protection and as differential.