In the Set System Date panel, select the current month, day, and year. Subscription ServiceHP strongly recommends that customers sign up online using the Subscriber’schoice website: The name is case sensitive and can include 19 characters. Just a Bunch of Disks. Checking the Progress of a UtilityTo check the status of any running virtual disk utilities: To view miscellaneous configuration settings:

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This event islogged as informational if creationimmediately failed, was canceled bythe user, or succeeded. Click Expand Virtual Disk.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Each mapping between a volume and a data host includes a logical unitnumber LUN that identifies msx2012i mapping. Set Read Ahead Size to one of the following options: To set scis web page caching mode: The information is displayed in three panels. The changes take effect immediately. Page Using Recovery UtilitiesThis section describes recovering data from a virtual disk that is quarantined oroffline failed.

Adding Global SparesYou can designate a maximum of eight global spares for the system.

HPE 3PAR NULL INF for SCSI Enclosure Device

FC Direct Attach ConfigurationWhen a data host is directly connected to controller host ports, loop topology mustbe used. A MSAsa storage system feature thatmakes all volumes in the system accessible to hosts through all hostports on both controllers. Review the graphical representation of host port status.


The system creates the virtual disk and shows the next page in the process. Clearing Metadata From Leftover Disk DrivesThe storage system uses metadata to identify virtual disk members after restarting orreplacing enclosures. P G3 12x 3. Page 87 Expanding a VolumeYou can expand a standard volume or a snap pool if the virtual disk has free spaceand sufficient resources.

Solved: Driver HP pG3 fc/iscsi scsi enclosure device – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

If the drive is absent or not fully inserted, it is represented with a white rectangleand is not selectable, as shown in the following example.

Page Event SeveritiesThe storage system generates events having three severity levels: If one disk fails, the other disk can be used to run the virtual diskand reconstruct the failed disk. Page A mirrored virtual disk is also highly reliable, because both disk drives in a pairmust fail for the virtual disk to devjce. Enabling or Disabling Event NotificationYou can enable or disable the following notification methods for selected eventcategories or individual events: Topics covered in this appendix are: By reviewing this page you can quickly locate the internal data path that hasa fault.

A drive enclosure that is directly attached to ahost. A mirrored virtual disk is also highly reliable, because both disk drives in a pairmust fail for the virtual disk to fail. The upper LED on the selected drive illuminates solid blue.


Clearing Unwritable Cache DataThe controller cache contains data that cannot be written out to a virtual diskbecause that virtual disk is no longer accessible.

Encloskre a SnapshotYou can delete snapshots at any time, including when: Allowed charactersinclude letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores, and spaces.

Make changes thatlimit access to volumes when the volumes are not in use.

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The snapshotdata is stored in the snap pool associated with the master volume. A message is displayed indicating whether the reset succeeded.

To add spares to a virtual disk: Creating a Volume Copy TaskIf fevice installed license enables this feature, you can copy a snapshot or a mastervolume to a new standard volume. A snap pool and its associated mastervolumes can be in different virtual disks, but must be owned by the same controller.