All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Bacula’s preferred method of working with tape drives sequential devices is to run in variable block mode, and this is what is set by default. However, functions like Polling the drive do not work correctly if there is no tape in the drive. In order for Bacula to run in fixed block mode, you must include the following records in the Storage daemon’s Device resource definition:. If a write length is greater than the physical block size of the drive, the write will be written as two blocks each of the fixed physical size. We recommend that you avoid this configuration if at all possible by using variable block sizes.

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This can happen if your tape drive is in fixed block mode while Bacula’s default is variable blocks.

Volume data error at 0: On some systems, you can also get a list of all available density codes with: Then be sure to run some append tests with Bacula where you 1-scsl and stop Bacula between appending to the tape, or use btape version 1.

Please test carefully before putting either into production. Permissions can also cause drivers to not install properly.

Driver for HP Ultrium 7-SCSI SCSI Sequential Devic – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

The test command, described below, can be very useful for testing tape drive compatibility problems. This counter is in GB. By default, they use bacula-sd. If you have an autochanger, load a tape into the drive. The amount of data should be greater than your memory 3 3. I’m going to write one record in file 0, two records in file 1, and three records in file dsvice btape: Risk Mitigation and Compliance.


By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. I had to go to the products page, slect the tape drive, then select ‘support and maintenance’ to get to the right page.

Below is a slightly more complicated output, which is a single autochanger with two drives, and which operates the changer on a different channel from from the drives:. It is very likely that Bacula has tried to do block positioning and ended up at an invalid block.

Not Loaded Debice Code: Tape level It is always possible to position filemarks or blocks, whereas sequentual to ssi end-of-data is only optional feature, however it is implemented very often. When you check the drivers on the properties of the device it says “Unknown”. Bacula expects variable tape block size drives to behave as follows: Osst is available from: If at all possible avoid using fixed blocking.

To work properly, btape needs to read the Storage daemon’s configuration file.

HP Ultrium-1 SCSI Sequential Tape Device Free Driver Download (Official)

Without those parameters, the testing and utility programs do not know how to properly read and write your drive. However, if you have written tapes using fixed block sizes, this can be a bit of a pain. This configuration is the preferred one because it uses one EOF and no backspacing at the end of the tape, which works much more efficiently and reliably with modern tape drives.


It isn’t necessary to run the autochanger part of the test at this time, but do not go ssi this point until the basic test succeeds.

Hp Ultrium 1 Scsi Scsi Sequential Device Driver Download

This has been confirmed by several other people using different hardware. If you are getting error messages such as: It seems like it moves around. So on such systems you need to modify the Bacula startup files to explicitly set: SCSI specification also talks about optional sequential filemarks, setmarks and sequential setmarks, but these are not implemented so often.

Now the important part, I am going to attempt to append to the tape. Backup Uptrium will function just fine without them being installed. It will not affect Backup Exec to not install the kernel drivers.