Intel DB65AL desktop motherboard. Reference unknown; see Allendale disambiguation for possibilities. Kings Creek , a creek at Lassen Peak , California. Intel SWP1-E server motherboard. Successor to Pine Trail. Parallel Extensions for JavaScript, which accelerates JavaScript execution by taking advantage of multiple cores and vector instructions. Based on the BX chipset.

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Pentium 4 Extreme Edition, and also the successor to Prestonia in the Xeon line. Noconaa city in Montague County, Texas.

Copper River (E) Chipset Board Mods — Icrontic

Uses the E72211 chipset Springdale-GV. Itanium series, the seventh-generation Itanium. Reference unknown; see Foster disambiguation for possibilities. Intel SAI2 server motherboard. SocketE chipset Whitney.

6A79E (Intel E (Copper River)) – AWARD BIOS CHIPSET CODE – PC Rebuilding

By using this rivef, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Grosse Point is also the codename of server systems based on this motherboard. A core CPU based on a mini-core. Intel DG35EC desktop motherboard.


Intel DBN desktop motherboard. Intel DEEA desktop motherboard.

Reference unknown; see Brookdale disambiguation for possibilities. Itanium processor Tukwila e722 only two cores. Mount Odem in the Golan Heights. Aimed at the high-performance computing segment.

List of Intel codenames

All models have GMA integrated inrel. Cancelled, as was Timna. Dual-Core Xeon series. Intel series Ethernet PHY chips. Based on the EX chipset. Possibly Tannera place in King County, Washington. Reference unknown; see Tejas disambiguation for possibilities. Most Conroes are dual-core, although some single-core versions were also produced.

Intel PI Coppef controller. Possibly a play on the name of Intel researcher Richard Livengood, or reference to Livengood, Alaska. Gigabit Ethernet controller accompanying the Lynx Point chipset, expected in the Haswell time frame.

Copper River (E7221) Chipset Board Mods

Juneau is the capital of the U. There is a town in the US state of Georgia called Pineview. Intel DG33BU desktop motherboard. Montevina is a wine out of the Sierra Foothills, dopper the Italian word for mountain wine. Intel DHN desktop motherboard.


Has four sockets, uses the GX chipset, and supports the Itanium processor. Possibly named after SilverthorneColorado.