Type values in the following fields: Of the snapshotsthat will be mounted as read-write and actually written to, factor in theaverage amount of data that will be modified. Page 82 To add spares to a virtual disk: There are a variety ofcache types. The Log Off page is displayed. Select the level of events to include in the FA2. The prefix is case sensitive and can include 14 characters, but not comma, quotationmark ” , or backslash.

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A new volume will be created using this free space for the volume copy. Restarting and Shutting Down a ControllerYou can restart or shut down controllers when a controller is not working properlyor when the system will be serviced or moved. RAID 6 alsoprovides protection against the failure of two drives. However, maybe having all that local storage will work out usefully someday. Continue with Step You can create a maximum of 16 snap pools.

What SAN devices are comparable to the HP MSA |VMware Communities

Recovery is possible if the missing devices can be restored so that the cached datacan be written to the virtual disk. Ifhost control of write-back cache is disabled, the host cannot modify the cachesetting. In a dual-controller system, setting the speed of host port 0 onone controller also sets the speed of host port 1 on the other controller. For a system using point-to-point topology, the following figure shows how portWWNs and mapped volumes are presented if controller Encllosure fails.


If the value is Yes, the LUN is alsoshown.

Check it regularly to monitor the status ofyour system. When you create a virtual disk, you can specify the number of volumes you wantand their sizes. Such inconsistencies can indicate that a drive in the virtual disk is goingbad.

Page 65 You can create a virtual disk automatically or manually: Best regards, Edward L. Disk Drive StatusTo view information about the drives in a virtual disk: You can also view and configure theSNMP event filter dvice the web page caching mode.

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To reset a snapshot: A virtual disk becomes critical when one ormore of its disks fails. As in aRAID msa201i virtual disk, the parity information is distributed across the disk drives inthe virtual disk and occupies the equivalent capacity of one disk drive per RAID 5.

A master volume is a volume thathas been enabled for snapshots. SNIA A host-interface port on a controller module or an expansion module. If mza2012i task fails, an error icon is displayed and the task type and status are shown inred.

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I later figured out about the physical disk size difference before I read your response. If there is more than one enclosure, select the enclosure for which you want to enterinformation.


To delete a task: Click the entry to modify. I got how to use this storage already. I get encloskre sense from what I have read so far that the MSAi has the superior feature set, and that either of these HP products may be faster and more efficient than an OpenFiler setup.

The Add System User panel displays the current list of configured users. Page deletingdedicated spares, 82global spares, 83mapping, modified data on snapshots, snapshots, users, 35virtual disks, 79volumes, 93DHCP, using to obtain controller IP addresses, 48diagnostic manage-level only functionsselecting individual events for notification, diagnostic user typechanging, 33definition, 32setting, 34disabled PHY, disaster recovery.

Page 55 To select event categories for notification: For each virtual disk, the virtual disk panel shows a status icon; the ms2012i, RAIDlevel, size, number of disk drives, and number of volumes; and utility status, if any. The eventmessage reports the number of: Page 61 Restarting and Shutting Down a ControllerYou can restart or shut down controllers when a controller is not working properlyor when the system will be serviced or moved.